Term Life No Medical Exam Required for Senior Citizens!

Being old has many downsides, especially when it comes to obtaining several services. The main reason why a senior is denied for some services is its age and a higher mortality risk associated with it. Seniors are typically rated as “Standard”, “Normal” or even lower by insurance companies.

happy_senior_coupleIf the seniors also have some medical problems, most likely they will be disqualified and will lose their chances of becoming insured. However, a greater tolerance you will find in companies that sell no exam policies.  Let us talk about whole or term life no medical exam required for senior citizens.

Term life offers temporary protection and it is very adjustable to the need of any person. Another reason for its popularity is its reduced cost.  Standard term life insurance is one of the cheapest policies if purchased for a short or medium period of time.

However, we are not talking about standard term life; we are talking about no exam term life. The basics are the same: you pay regularly a sum of money, you can choose how often you want to pay the money and premiums are renewed periodically.  The same rule applies here: you only get the death benefits only if the insured dies while under coverage.

Now let us talk about the differences. It takes way less time to fill in all documents needed for subscribing and completing all other procedures. Normally, you will have to wait for results and let them be analyzed by the company.  With no exam policies, you can skip this step and get closer to a final decision.

No exam policies differentiate between people with serious medical problems and people with minor problems. There are special plans for each category. Unfortunately, this policy is a bit expensive and you must have some money at your disposal in order to pay the premiums.

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